Christmas Card 2020

Greetings to our wonderful friends and family. This year your support has meant more to us than ever.

Everett spent most of 2020 fighting fires, both literally while living in San Francisco, and figuratively while the pandemic had a major impact on retail - which in turn impacted Perceive. Despite a difficult macro environment, 2020 was filled with highlights: graduating Alchemist Accelerator and demoing on stage in the heart of Silicon Valley, closing Perceive’s first equity investment round, and winning the Eaton Award for Engineering Design from Purdue were all milestones. As the year ended, Everett decided to move south, joining Selena in Santa Barbara as she finishes her degree. There he will continue working remotely on startups. Perceive is in fact launching a new online video product to start the year, under the branding visitorX. 

Selena started 2020 in New Mexico thanks to a fellowship that allowed her to spend 9 months at Los Alamos National Laboratory. She was able to experience a snowy winter while away from California, living up on top of a mesa in the middle of nowhere. She somehow avoided skiing and doing anything outside in it. With her research wrapping up at the end of March, Everett flew out a bit early incase state-to-state travel bans took place as the coronavirus was starting to quickly spread. They drove back to Santa Barbara and quarantined together for 2 months, the longest time they had spent together since graduating from Purdue in 2016. Eventually, Selena was able to start working back in the UCSB lab and after being gone for a year it felt like the first day of school all over again. A bittersweet feeling going into the last year of graduate school.

2021 will bring a lot of new beginnings for the couple. Yes, after nearly five years, Selena will be graduating in June with her PhD in Chemistry. Just in time to put Dr. on all those wedding invitations. The two will wed in October in Cincinnati, OH. Selena started interviewing early September and landed a role after graduation at her top choice, BASF in their Leadership Development Program. For the next two years, starting in August, Everett and Selena will be living in 3 different locations around the United States as Selena rotates every 8 months to a new position within the company. They are looking forward to experiencing different regions of the United States and hopefully reconnecting with any friends in the area.  

Thanks again for all the love and support over this year! 


Everett and Selena (almost) Berry

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